To Stage - or not to Stage?

Is Staging Worth the Bother ??

I recently had a friend ask me - honestly, is the cost of staging a home (and all the de-cluttering, organizing, and storage costs that go into it)... is it REALLY worth the bother? My answer is absolutely!

The increase in selling price - can be excellent. Usually a 1.5 - 3% increase in selling price!! 

...But BEFORE you spend a penny on staging - you first have to start with the basics. If your home has an outdated or busy wallpaper - or an aging frayed carpet - well, no amount of staging is going to cover that up! So always start with: fresh, neutral paint; immaculate or new flooring; clean and de-clutter; and THEN work from there. You would be amazed how a cute shower curtain, or fresh clean towels, can even make a salmon pink bathtub look glamorous... For more - check out this article:

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